About Slow Botanicals

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 Garden Stand and Slow Botanicals

In a seaside community in the Pacific Northwest where I live with my family, I fill a   Garden Stand with my wild and organic handmade tinctures, balms, salves and soap bars. I create daily flower bouquets from the cut flowers I grow in my garden, and I offer extra harvests of my organic veggies and strawberries. I always have a basket out of cloth napkins sewn from prints I love. This year I am adding vintage glass flower vases to the mix. Filling and running my Garden Stand is great fun. I appreciate all my wonderful local customers and I am grateful for the ongoing relationships that have grown.


I began creating slow batch balms and tinctures in my early 20s and this is a passion I have carried with me since. I love everything about going out into fields and forests to ethically harvest wild plants, flowers, berries and mushrooms.

Gardening is a delight that I can't live without and I enjoy supplementing my wild botanical blends with herbs and flowers that I raise in my own garden.  Soap bars are a more recent addition to my slow batch herbal creations. I approach soap making the same way as herbal medicine.  What we put on our skin is as important as what we put into our body. It is essential for my skin care products to be both pure and healing.

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